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Our mission is to help Ukrainians achieve prosperity and freedom for their families by providing quality remote work opportunities with US & EU based companies.
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Who are we?

Remotely Talents provides offshore recruitment services to business owners around the world who are looking to hire offshore talent.

Our aim is to help you find the best talent for the roles you are looking to fill. Our level of expertise, gained from years of experience recruiting offshore for our companies, allows us to effectively solve your remote staffing challenges.

We can source any remote role, typical roles include Marketing, Development, Accounting, eCommerce, Operations, Customer Support and Executive Assistants.


The year we started hiring offshore staff for our eCommerce business


Estimated remote workforce savings


Average recruitment weeks
Mikhail Lutenko
Vladimir Kolesnikov
Sales Manager
Daria Koval
PHP Developer
Evgeniy Pavlov
Customer Support
Olena Yanchenko
Media Buyer
Marina Svitlyk
Dima Belykh
Anton Lapko
Anastasiia lysovenko
Executive Assitant
Vlada Fatyanova
Social Media Manager

Why Choose Ukraine?

Ukraine is the premier destination in Europe for both IT outsourcing and marketing talent. With a ranking among the top 5 in the 2020 Global Skills Index for technology, the country boasts a highly educated population skilled in providing value-added services in business, software, and management. Additionally, a significant portion of the Ukrainian population is involved in offering graphic design and software development services online. Furthermore, Ukraine is also home to a thriving marketing community, providing access to talented professionals capable of delivering creative and effective marketing solutions.

Cultural Compatibility

Cost Effective

Large Pool of Talents

Convenient Time Zone

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