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Hire a

Growth Marketer

Media Buyer

Email Marketing Specialist

eCommerce Manager

Amazon Specialist

Growth Marketer

that costs 40%-70% less

We're a remote staffing agency that finds top remote talent in Marketing and eCommerce

What if…

You could hire remote talent and enjoy these amazing benefits:

Perfect Match To Your Needs. Discover talent uniquely suited to your specific requirements and objectives, ensuring a seamless fit into your team and projects.

Cut Costs. Save up to 50% to 70% on staff costs, plus no need to build the infrastructure for them to do their job.

Speed To Hire. Accelerate your recruitment process, swiftly bringing skilled professionals on board to meet urgent project deadlines and growth demands.

Your Timezone. Leverage the convenience of hiring talent in your timezone, reducing communication delays, and fostering real-time collaboration for improved productivity.

…but it’s hard to find

great talent.

This is where we can help. We can recruit for any remote role, typical roles include:

Marketing - Paid Search, Programmatic, SEM, SEO, Paid Social, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Video Editing, Graphic Design

eCommerce - Amazon Marketplace Specialist, eCommerce Manager, Product Manager, Data Analyst

IT- UI/UX, QA, PM, Full-Stack, Sysadmin, Web3/Crypto Devs


What Do You


Talent for Hire
Pay for results
Ideal for recruiting 1-2 roles
Vetted talent matching
Dedicated recruiter
Interviews with the candidates
Global talent pool
No geographical limits
Reference check
Reporting and Analytics
Advisory Services
90 days service guarantee to replace a candidate for free
or EUR equivalent
Recruiter on Demand
Ideal for recruiting multiple positions
Vetted talent matching
A dedicated recruiter or team of recruiters
Interviews with the candidate
Global talent pool
No geographical limits
Reference check
Reporting and Analytics
Advisory Services
Unlimited service guarantee. No deposit, no hiring fees
or EUR equivalent

How It Works

Tell us what you need and we'll have you up and running in a matter of days. It's just three simple steps...

We become your partner in recruiting remote talent. Tell us about your hiring needs for the next 3 months.


We initiate a talent search for your specific roles that we have agreed to work on. We will advertise the position and pre-screen candidates until we find the top candidates who are a good fit for the role. We present the top candidates to you for evaluation.


We’ll coordinate the interviews with the candidates to select your favourite. We’ll also provide our report and recommendation.


If you have any questions that are not listed here, please contact us.

What Our Clients


"Loved the experience with you guys. Within three weeks you've found three candidates that matched perfectly my criterias for a shopify front-end developer job. Let's keep on working together ;)"


Founder, Kiki Commerce

"RemotelyTalents helped us to find Anna, she does an exceptional job as a Marketing Projects Manager. I will definetely recommend you to anyone who is interested in hiring offshore talent."


CMO, Lumina Marketing Group Inc.

"Thank you for helping us with Olivia. She's been a lifesaver. I can concentrate on my business while she takes care of our B2B marketing."


Owner, Handoverwork.com

"I highly recommend RT team to anyone looking to hire offshore talent. The project was very smooth and quick. At the end of the project we hired Dima, our new Google Ads Media Buyer"


Owner, Korbl Marketing

"RemotelyTalents helped us to find Yuliya. She works as a bookkeeper in our company. The process was very quick and efficiant. We will be definitely cooperating with you in the future."


CFO, AdMaxIm Media

Ready to get started?

If you want to dive into the details just Book a Call with our staff and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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