Salary Guide for Hiring Remote Talent from
Latin America

Reveal salary benchmarks for a variety of positions within Latin America's remote workforce. Dive into detailed salary data to enhance your hiring strategy.

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salary guide for remote talent from latam

You will learn...

Intrigued by the benefits of hiring remote talent from Latin America, including cost-effectiveness and salary norms? Uncover essential insights with our in-depth salary guide.

Salary ranges for top roles in Marketing, Development, Finance, eCommerce, Operations, etc.

Exploring the benefits of the Latin American talent pool.

Experience significant cost advantages by utilizing the Latin America remote workforce.

Remote talent that costs 50% less than local equivalents

marketing roles salaries in US vs Europe vs LATAM

Table of contents

Popular Roles
Salary Ranges
Why LatAm?
Why hire offshore talent?
How much can you save?