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Staff Augmentation

Ideal for cost-effectively expanding your team.
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What if…

You could hire senior-level talent globally and enjoy these benefits:

Flexibility to Scale: Quickly adapt to changing needs without the encumbrances of full-time employees, ensuring agility and responsiveness in your workforce.

Cost-Effective: Achieve substantial savings on staffing costs, with potential reductions ranging from 40% to 60%. Enjoy a straightforward process with no prepayments or hidden hiring fees.

Reduced Hiring Risks: Utilize staff augmentation to "test" talent before making any long-term commitments, thereby minimizing the risks associated with hiring.

Less Administration: Free yourself from administrative burdens. Staff augmentation services handle payroll management, government paperwork, and ensure compliance with labor laws, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

... but it's hard to find

great remote talent.

This is where we can help.

Leverage our 10+ years of experience in recruiting remote talent

Leverage our expertise to find remote talent that aligns with your culture and works in your time zone

Use our team of senior-level recruiters based in Europe and Latin America

10,000+ database of screened candidates


What Do You


Hire a remote talent that costs 40%-70% less

On-Demand Talent Solutions
Staff Augmentation
We manage payroll, benefits, compliance, and everything else
or EUR equivalent
Pre-Vetted Talent Matching
FREE Interviews with Candidates
Job Specific Assessments
Reference and Background Checks
No-Risk Hiring: You Pay If You Hire
Monthly Subscription Fee
Unlimited Replacement Guarantee
Cancel Anytime

How It Works

Tell us what you need and we'll have you up and running in a matter of days. It's just three simple steps...

We become your partner in recruiting remote talent. Tell us about your hiring needs for the next 3 months.


We initiate a talent search for your specific roles that we have agreed to work on. We will advertise the position and pre-screen candidates until we find the top candidates who are a good fit for the role. We present the top candidates to you for evaluation.


We’ll coordinate the interviews with the candidates to select your favourite. We’ll also provide our report and recommendation.


If you have any questions that are not listed here, please contact us.

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