How an eCommerce Marketing Agency Grew Its Remote Team from 10 to 25 in Just 4 Months

Marina Svitlyk
Talent Acquisition Manager, RemotelyTalents


Problem: Our client, an eCommerce marketing agency, faced the challenge of expanding their remote team following a fruitful funding round. Finding skilled remote Marketing professionals to drive this growth was a hurdle they needed to overcome.

Challenge: The mission was to assemble a remote marketing team that could collaborate effectively across different time zones, cultures, and experiences.

Roles Hired: Social Media Buyers, Google Ads Media Buyer, Native Ads Media Buyer, Email Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Growth Marketing Manager, Administrative Coordinator, Account Manager, Affiliate Marketing Manager

Results: Through the strategic acquisition of top-tier marketing talent from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Latin America (LatAm), our client accomplished a remarkable 55% reduction in payroll expenses in comparison to hiring US-based professionals. Within an astonishing 4-month span, the newly strengthened marketing team played a pivotal role in doubling the agency's sales.


  1. Seizing the Momentum of Major Client Wins: With a series of high-impact client acquisitions, the agency celebrated their triumphs. However, the joy was coupled with the urgency to fortify their team quickly and effectively to meet heightened demands.
  2. Remote Expertise Meets Scaling Challenge: As a seasoned remote company, the client was well-versed in the nuances of remote team dynamics. Nonetheless, this phase of rapid expansion necessitated refining their remote setup for seamless scalability while nurturing collaboration.
  3. Precision in Recruitment for Growth: The client understood that the road to scaling lay not just in recruiting remote talent, but in curating a team that could excel in their roles. They recognized the need for a professional recruiter who could ensure a steady stream of remarkable candidates and identify those primed for success.


RemotelyTalent's unique model of connecting businesses with global remote marketing and eCommerce talent was the perfect solution for the client's dilemma.

We deployed a dedicated team of experienced Talent Acquisition Managers and Talent Scouts who served as an in-house recruitment team solely for this client. This approach was optimal given the scale of hiring needed, budget constraints, and fluctuating recruitment needs.

Our recruiters worked as an extension of the client's team for four months, successfully filling all open roles.

With RemotelyTalent's support, the client secured exceptional marketing professionals who aligned with their growth strategy and surpassed expectations in skills and motivation.


The partnership between the client and RemotelyTalent offers key insights into the transformative power of global talent acquisition for US companies seeking rapid scaling and high-performance teams. Notable takeaways include:

  1. Affordability and Performance: Tapping into the global talent pool enables access to skilled professionals at a reduced cost without compromising quality. The client's hires showcased outstanding skills and delivered measurable results.
  2. Enhanced Adaptability and Cultural Fit: Remote talents seamlessly integrated into the client's culture, aiding rapid growth. Their technical proficiency and cultural alignment made them ideal team members.
  3. Resource Optimization with RemotelyTalent: Leveraging RemotelyTalent's expertise, US companies can optimize resource allocation and overcome traditional hiring obstacles. With streamlined processes and regional insights, companies can focus on core operations while building agile teams.

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Marina Svitlyk
Talent Acquisition Manager, RemotelyTalents

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