Hire a remote

Administrative Assistant

that costs less

Boost your office productivity by hiring our mid-senior level Administrative Assistants, available at 40% to 60% less than local hires. Our agency is adept at sourcing and onboarding skilled remote Administrative Assistants quickly, ensuring they are ready to assist your team within 4 weeks.

ur Administrative Assistants are proficient in English and come with extensive experience in performing a wide range of administrative tasks. They possess the necessary skills to efficiently handle daily office operations in diverse business environments.

Hard Skills

Document Management

Proficiency in preparing, managing, and organizing documents.

Data Entry and Database Management

Skilled in accurate data entry and database upkeep.

Scheduling and Calendar Management

Expertise in managing appointments and calendars.

Customer and Client Communication

Ability to handle customer and client interactions professionally.

Basic Financial Management

Competency in handling invoices and basic bookkeeping.

Soft Skills

Organizational Abilities

Exceptional skill in organizing tasks and workspace.

Communication Skills

Strong oral and written communication abilities.


Quick and effective in resolving administrative challenges.

Attention to Detail

Meticulousness in all aspects of work.


Flexibility to adapt to various tasks and changing priorities.

Sample a few of our 5k pre-vetted candidates

Administrative Assistant
★★★ Senior
3+ years of experience
Document Handling
Data Entry
Executive Scheduling
High-Level Client Communication
Basic Accounting
Monthly Salary
Administrative Assistant
★★ Middle
5+ years of experience
Office Management
Calendar Coordination
Customer Service
Basic Accounting
Microsoft Office Suite
Monthly Salary
Administrative Assistant
★★ Middle
5+ years of experience
Advanced Document Management
Database Administration
Executive Scheduling
Client Relations
Financial Processing
Basic Accounting
Monthly Salary

How It Works?

Only pay if you hire someone.
Goals / Challenges
Hiring needs
Internal processes
Job Description
Test / Assessments
Reference calls
Offer letter
Option 1 - Direct hire
Option 2 - RT hires contractors on your behalf


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