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Hire experienced remote Product Managers who offer a cost-effective solution with their exceptional skills and expertise. Find and onboard talented Product Managers in just 4 weeks or less.

Our candidates are highly skilled professionals with a strong background in product management and a deep understanding of the digital landscape. Here is a list of the hard and soft skills that an accomplished Product Manager should possess:

Hard Skills

Product Strategy

Product Managers should be adept at developing and implementing product strategies that align with business goals and market trends.

Market Research

Product Managers should possess excellent research skills to identify market opportunities, analyze customer needs, and conduct competitor analysis.

Roadmap Planning

Product Managers should be proficient in creating and managing product roadmaps, prioritizing features, and defining product release cycles.

User Experience (UX) Design

Product Managers should have a solid understanding of UX design principles and be able to collaborate effectively with UX designers to deliver exceptional user experiences.

Data Analysis

Product Managers should be capable of analyzing data and metrics to measure product performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions for optimization.

Soft Skills


Product Managers should demonstrate strong leadership qualities and be able to inspire and motivate cross-functional teams to achieve product objectives.


Product Managers should possess excellent communication skills to effectively convey product vision, requirements, and strategy to stakeholders and team members.


Product Managers should be skilled in fostering collaboration and maintaining productive working relationships with designers, engineers, marketers, and other stakeholders.


Product Managers should excel in problem-solving, utilizing critical thinking and creativity to overcome challenges and find innovative solutions.


Product Managers should be adaptable and flexible in a fast-paced environment, adjusting strategies and priorities as necessary to meet changing market demands.

Sample a few of our 5k pre-vetted candidates

Product Manager
★★★ Senior
7+ years of experience
Agile methodology
Product Roadmapping
UX/UI Design
Market Research
Data Analysis
Monthly Salary
Product Manager
★★ Middle
5+ years of experience
Product Strategy
Market Research
Roadmap Planning
User Stories
Data Analysis
Monthly Salary
Product Manager
★ Junior
2+ years of experience
Agile Development
User Experience Design
Roadmap Planning
Data Analysis
Monthly Salary

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